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Wormfood Island is now available from Vagabondage Press.


You thought zombies could just eat you...

That all changes with Wormfood Island available from Vagabondage Press. Are you ready for a new kind of zombie? The kind that isn't mindless? The kind that's hungry for much more than just flesh?

Wormfood Island is the story of a family on the verge of collapse. When they win a trip to a hedonism resort out of the country, Kevin Miller hopes this is the chance they need to save their marriage. But instead, they find themselves quickly facing a quest for survival against an infestation of parasitic worms that cause the infected to gain enormous sexual appetites... which quickly turns to an appetite for living flesh.


Fundinmental loves Wormfood Island!

"Wormfood Island by Ken La Salle is an adult horror novel. The sex is not so much erotic, but savage as it feeds on the human bodies of these not-so-happy vacationers.

A fun and grisly adventure into Ken La Salle’s twisted mind. There is tons of running, screaming, shock and awe, and blood and guts a plenty."

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You thought zombies could only kill...