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Good relationships take a certain kind of magic to succeed, and all Alex Petroya seems to have is the wrong magic.

After his wife Stephanie leaves, Alex has one place left to go: the pink house his parents left to him in Cambria, California. After moving in, he discovers a box filled with unfinished stories Stephanie had written during their marriage.

Could finishing them win her back? Alex decides to try but finds writing is harder than it looks. With help from his brother-in-law, Conner, he learns a simple incantation to increase focus. As Alex writes the stories, they come true, creating strange, unnatural events. Then he gets another idea: he will manipulate the stories further to make Stephanie return to him.

With the incantation and the stories, Alex seems to have tapped into a magical combination. But in the end, he finds there is no magic stronger than that of the human heart.

The reviews are in!

"Wrong Magic was just wonderful"

"Great read! Simply magical."

"Alex's accidental discovery of and the use of magic to fix his lost/broken marriage takes the reader on a hope filled ride. Come get lost in the magic of a man learning to "cultivate his garden" and working to win back his wife."

"LaSalle’s handling of this hard-to-classify story is masterful. He takes us from Alex’s sometimes fumbling attempts to develop something akin to human emotions to Stephanie’s efforts to decide with whom she wants to spend her life. At times achingly funny, and at times depressing beyond words, this is the kind of story you read when it’s chilly outside and the wind’s rattling the window panes. A story of magic—the kind you find in fantasy stories and the kind you find inside the human heart—it’ll keep you turning pages and chuckling."

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