I’m a Philosopher. The theater I love explores what it means to be human and, so, I create plays that look for answers even when they reach their zaniest heights.


I like plays that thrill. The strength of theater is a shared experience you can’t get from television or movies and good theater capitalizes on that. I write plays like rollercoasters. Theater should be a thrill ride.

Full-Length Plays

Everything Changes

Staged reading, Little Fish Theatre, San Pedro


A skewed romantic comedy that deals with the changes that occur in our lives and how we choose to deal with them. Benjamin Jorge is stuck in the past, reliving the night when his wife and friends walked out on him. When he learns he has to save his wife’s marriage, Ben finds he must also salvage his own existence.

Dramedy, 4m/4w, simple sets.


Staged reading, Hunger Artists Theatre, Fullerton


Tom has met Beatrice, the woman of his dreams. She is a devout Catholic while he is an Atheist. This begins a questioning of beliefs and what place they hold in their lives. When Beatrice forces a decision between beliefs, the questions become less speculative and more fundamental. After all, which is more important: love or God?

Dramedy, 4m/2w, suggested sets.

Whatever Happened to Me?

Most recent staged reading, Chance Theater, Anaheim Hills


His wife has left him. His father is a stranger. And now James Newman has a new roommate – his 21-year-old self!

Dramedy, 4m/2w, 1 voice, single set.

Murielle’s Big Date

Most recent staged reading: Horse Trade Theater, New York

Available at Connotation Press


“It’s Murielle’s third date with Mark. Will it come off without a hitch? Absolutely not!” Murielle may be hesitant about relationships, having lost one man too many, but her best friends, Sam and Angela, are determined to make sure this date proves to be Mr. Right in all the wrong ways! Comedy, 2m/2w, single set.

After You Fall

Most recent staged reading: Wild Rumpus Productions, New York


What happens after you fall in love? Is love enough? Or are the complications nobody warns you about the pavement you hit after you fall? Dramedy, 3m/2w, single set.

Diamonds to Go

Most recent staged reading: Mysterium, Orange


In this screwball comedy, Bernie and Carpacci know who stole the diamonds but that won’t stop them from framing someone else…

Comedy, 4m/1w, single set

Sometimes We Find Our Way

Most recent staged reading: Alive Theatre, Long Beach


Sometimes you don’t get to fix your life a little at a time. Jimmie, his mother, and the crazy girl he finds himself more and more attracted to are going to have to fix theirs in one day.

Dramedy, 1m/2w, single set.

A Pound of Flesh & The Devil

Most recent staged reading: Hunger Artists Theatre, Fullerton


In 1926, Clarence Brown brought the scorching romance of Flesh and the Devil to the screen… but it didn’t have zombies… A Pound Of Flesh & The Devil, skewers the genre of historical romance and brings it to the stage with a hyper-sexual absurdity the whole family can enjoy, now with zombies! Can Felicitas find love with Leo? Can Pastor Voss find truth with Leo? Can just about anyone else in the cast find cheap, tawdry sex with Leo? They’ll try!

Comedy, 7m/3w, two sets.

And More Full-Length Plays

This They Call Freedom


If there’s one thing we all have probably learned from recent news, it is that “freedom” is not an immutable concept. In fact, it changes all the time, with each person’s interpretation and every new regime that takes power.

So, when I tell you that This They Call Freedom is a comedy about just that, what I mean is that it is a dark comedy about the way our liberties are stripped away in the name of Freedom. It is a commentary on how we hand over our rights, often policing ourselves in the hope of being allowed to live free for just another day, another hour.

Dramedy, Cast size 10. (4m/2w/4 parts open), single set.

Dex & Seth

As four friends gather in the evening following a funeral, each finds their notions of life changing before their eyes. Ira’s pining for a lost love inspires Ben to approach Ira, for whom he has long carried a torch. Seth, starting a new life, sees the damage in the wake of his selfishness. While Monica stands amazed that they can function in the wake of their neurosis.

Dramedy, 3m/1w, single set.

N*****s *n* F*****s


There are two words we don’t say. When we do, all hell breaks
loose. The scene is a common American home on a common American theater stage, where a common American family is being torn apart because of the things they can’t say and the things they believe they’re supposed to feel. Being honest about who we are, it turns out, includes being honest about the ugliness as well.

Dramedy, 6m/1w (2 parts are flexible), single set.



A man walks into his brother’s apartment and says “Tell me the meaning of life or I’ll kill myself.” What happens when the brother doesn’t know? Or when the brother is haunted by the hallucination of his ex-wife and is so broken inside he can’t find the meaning of his own life, let alone The Meaning. Would knowing the answer really be enough? Or do the injuries of our own lives make meaning meaningless?

Drama, 2m/1w, single set.

The Happy Freebles


How do you summarize a play in which a bunch of pan-sexual beings straight from a children’s show set off on a quest for anal sex? Flower and Monkey, on their quest for anal sex, visit their family doctor, the local sex shop, and the mad lair of the Evil Doctor Delmonicus in this demented farce for adults only.

Comedy, 1w/8open, single set

Murder, Zombies, the Devil… and Stuff


The Devil solves a murder in the suburbs.

(A black comedy.) 3m/2w, single set.

The Death of Ethics


A wedding on the last day for the human race exposes how humanity’s lack of ethics may have meant its doom.

Comedy, 5m/3w, simple set.

Friends, First


Derrick wants his brother Jeff out of his apartment, and if it means confronting Jeff with his once-best-friend, he’ll do it.

Dramedy, 3m, single set

Happily After Ever


Characters in two plays discover the concept of free will and travel through other plays to find its meaning.

Dramedy, 21 characters can be cast with as few as 9 actors, suggested sets

Broken People


In an abandoned train station in Arizona, one woman is caught between the lover she knows is no good for her and the man telling her an awful truth.

Drama, 2m/1w, single set.

Out of Character


The lead character in a play called Lost Among Sunset appears at a performance of the work, making things difficult for the actors.

Dramedy, 3m/3w, 1 voice, single set.

Nothing Sexual


Phillip knows the only way he’ll ever sleep with Brian’s wife is if Brian cheats on her – and he’ll make Brian do it even if he has to hold a gun to his head.

Comedy, 2m/2w, single set.

Cold Love


When Mason and Amanda are first married, there is a sickness that infects their marriage and drives Amanda to self-destruction. Or is it Mason who is destroying Amanda? Part love story, part mystery – the riddle of what there is in love that eventually kills you is up to the audience to solve.

Drama, 2m/1w, single set.

Free Will


Joanna believes that her life goes according to a script, only she thinks of the playwright as God. Her brother, Michael, believes he has the freedom to make up his own lines. But what happens when Will arrives and he is holding the script of their lives and the two learn that their sister, Holly, has written it? What would you do if your whole life was scripted for you – and the writer just wasn’t that good?

Dramedy, 2m/2w, single set.

Selected Short Plays

The Myth of the Cubicle

Last produced at

Chance Theater, Anaheim

When you see beyond the veil of illusion, all that is left is unemployment. Comedy, 3m/1w, suggested set.



Persecution Complex

Produced at

Theatre of NOTE, Hollywood


John would break up with Amy if only the mob of gangsters in his head would stop molesting him. Comedy, 1m/1w and 1 mob, simple set.

The Spunky Taste of Hell

Produced at

Sacred Fools Theater, Los Angeles


Tiresias wakes to find he very well may be in Hell, a place that plays fast and loose with sex and death. Comedy, 3m, suggested set.


Thug 4 Life

Last Produced at The OC-Centric New Play Festival (2012)


An aging white cynic and a young man of color are backed up against the cold realities of life. Only when they meet one another do they find anything like the truth.

Drama, 2m, suggested set

... and, would you believe, there's still more to come?...

... well, there is.