Are the voices in your head listening to you? Oh yes. Yes, they are listening to you. They know what you’re saying. Sometimes, they talk back. Sometimes, they sing along. Sometimes, they write children’s book with hidden messages placed in plain sight with a neon bow because, hey, a little style never hurt anyone. (This, of course, ignores the Great Style Massacre of 1973.)
Welcome to “Fun To Grow On” – the new children’s book series for adults. These books are not for little children or big babies. Each story is filled with blood and violence, sex and swearing – Seriously. This series is for adults. These are not parodies of children’s books but original stories for adults who still have a lot to learn… as do we all.

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“Fun To Grow On” presents the next book in its continuing series… Puppies: Best in Stew!

Hal Cheeley was the model Republican. He voted for people full of hate. He worshiped at the idol of Ronald Reagan. He even hired and distrusted immigrant labor.

On the morning after the 2012 presidential election, Hal wakes up in his 10 year old body to find himself somewhere in the future. His only answers come from his drugged-out, delusional, and damned 75 year old self. But the answers aren’t good enough.

Why is America in ruins? How did global climate change really come to pass? And why does his elder self have this disgusting taste for dog?

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“Fun To Grow On” presents the very first book in the series… Cookies: Sluts of the Snack World!
When a cookie gets herpes, he decides to ask God for a cure. Can he find God in time?
Someone fed a chocolate chip cookie equal parts of blinding self-awareness, cranberry vodka, and shrooms and asked him to tell his story. Here it is, with all the pageantry you would expect from a cookie… which is probably a whole lot less than you would desire.