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Hardly ever lefting.

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...look into this whole "lefting" thing.

It could be a goldmine!...


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So Dream Something!

Every month, I visit with someone who is actively pursuing their dreams and talk about how that pursuit has benefitted their lives. Through victory and struggle, find out why I give this advice to all of my listeners: So Dream Something!

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The Day We Said Goodbye

A Meditation on Acceptance

is NOW AVAILABLE in ebook format exclusively for Kindle and Kindle-app e-readers!

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An Exploration Into Success


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Readings and signings!

I always love meeting with and talking with my readers. If you would like to arrange a reading or signing, or if you have a blog or podcast you would like me to appear on, please get in touch!

With the release of my new memoir, The Day We Said Goodbye, Aron Joice has posted a few good words on her site. (Check it out by clicking the link to the left.) (January 2014)

One piece of feedback I've heard quite a bit is that ebooks don't work well as gifts. Sometimes, you want to have something tangible. That is why I've dedicated this year to getting more of my work out in paperback. Click the link to the left to find Daughter of a One-Armed Man in paperback on and look for more books coming in the months ahead! (February 2014)

Over on her terrific website, Angela Kay Austin has posted a feature on my new memoir. Click the link to the left to check it out! (February 2014)

Over on Indies Unlimited, The Day We Said Goodbye is featured as a new title for February. Click the link to the left to find out more! (February 2014)

My first compilation from Recovering The Self - The Worth of Dreams The Value of Dreamers - is now available in paperback. Read my first year of essays, along with some bonus material! Click the link to the left to find The Worth of Dreams The Value of Dreamers in paperback on a look for more paperbacks coming soon! (March 2014)

My first compilation from Recovering The Self - The Worth of Dreams The Value of Dreamers - is now available in paperback. Read my first year of essays, along with some bonus material! Click the link to the left to find The Worth of Dreams The Value of Dreamers in paperback on and look for more paperbacks coming soon! (March 2014)

I'm happy to announce that I've signed with WiDo Publishing to release my romantic fantasy novel, The Wrong Magic, late in 2014. Watch this space! (March 2014)

The fine folk over at Indies Unlimited are running the first trailer to my memoir, The Day We Said Goodbye. Check it out and vote for it for trailer of the month - by clicking the link to the left. (March 2014)

Will Wilson was kind enough to invite me onto his Internet Radio show to talk about books and plays and everything else in my career. We had a great conversation and I hope you'll give it a listen! (March 2014)

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For more bloggie goodness, be sure to also check out One Path for your reading pleasure!

Ken La Salle

Being in demand…

I just received a request to do an interview on a website. I’m always happy to receive such requests because, hell, it’s nice to be wanted.
But, you know, I’ve been getting more of these emails lately. Either they’re from websites or they’re from editors or theaters or other people, and on and on.
And it’s nice. Really.
The only problem is, I’ve come to realize that while I may be more in demand these days I am in demand from people without money. Or, at least, nobody is demanding I take their money.
That’s the kind of “in demand” I would like.
“Hey you! Mr. La Salle! Take this check. We demand it!”
That wouldn’t suck.
I suppose that’s the next step. You know, if I ever get to the next step.
Right now, it’s kind of nice to be in demand from anyone, even if they don’t have the cash. Maybe it means I’m liked or admired or even seen as a cheap resource. Hell, I’ll take it!
Because the only thing worse than being in demand… is not being in demand.
Posted: Fri 18th of April, 2014

Post Climate Change… the genre…

So, I realized today, as I wrapped up the rewrites on my second Fun To Grow On book, that I had written my first Post Climate Changenovel. The book takes place in the near future and, considering that we’re already feeling the effects of climate change in our time, climate change is an element that is essential to the story.
And I realized this may become a new genre, along the lines of the Dystopian novel. The exception here is that, in Dystopian writing, the world is in shambles due to some mad man’s actions. In Post Climate Changewriting, there is no single mad man. The atrocity has been perpetrated by a society that believes it is acting in a perfectly sane manner – though they are not, of course.
As Global Climate Change makes a mess of our world, we only have ourselves to blame. But, as writers, we are faced with the task of making some sense of it.
Posted: Tue 8th of April, 2014

Some final words on Dreams...

For the last three years, I've been writing each month on the topic of Following Your Dreams over on Recovering The Self. Now, I've decided it is time to move on. Before I do, however, I thought I would post a link over here to share this final chapter with you good people.I know I don't normally post links to Recovering The Self over here but this final article is special to me. It sums up so much of what I've been saying and I hope you find it worthwhile.You can find the article here: Posted: Thu 3rd of April, 2014

The Indie Books Show!...

This morning, I had a lot of fun speaking with Will Willson on the Indie Books Show. I'm including it here and I hope you enjoy it!

Popular Books Internet Radio with Indie Books on BlogTalkRadio
Posted: Sat 29th of March, 2014

The Indie Books Show on 3/28/14 @ 8am Pacific...

Be sure to check out the Indie Books Radio Show tomorrow, 3/28/14, at 8am. I'll be the guest for the full hour, talking about my writing career, upcoming projects, and who knows what! I hope you'll tune in - you can even call in with questions!Here's the link. Give it a click!The show has a great archive section, as well, just in case you miss it. Posted: Thu 27th of March, 2014

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