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2015 is going to be quite a year!

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Let the new releases commence!


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from Limitless Publishing!

The Wrong Magic (now available)


Good relationships take a certain kind of magic to succeed, and all Alex Petroya seems to have is the wrong magic.

Find out more about indian paintbrush by clicking the book cover to the left!

Now available in ebook and paperback!

So Dream Something!

Every month, I visit with someone who is actively pursuing their dreams and talk about how that pursuit has benefitted their lives. Through victory and struggle, find out why I give this advice to all of my listeners: So Dream Something!

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Readings and signings!

I always love meeting with and talking with my readers. If you would like to arrange a reading or signing, or if you have a blog or podcast you would like me to appear on, please get in touch!

After more than a decade in the play writing biz, I decided it was about time for me to release a comprehensive primer describing just what it takes to have that play writing career you've always dread - er - dreamed of! Just click the link to the left. (July 2014)

2015 Schedule!

Plenty of new titles coming in 2015!
Winter 2015: Heaven Enough from Limitless Publishing

Spring 2015: Climbing Maya from Kal-Ba Publishing

Summer 2015: Wormfood Island from Vagabondage Press

Autumn 2015: Dynamic Pluralism from Kal-Ba Publishing

End of 2015: I may be having a stroke.

(December 2014)

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Ken La Salle

Paying the Price for My Art...

So, I just finished a new project… and now I am faced with having to pay the price.
What price is that, you ask?
Well, I’m gonna tell you because I know that a few writers pop by to visit now and then and I can’t help wondering if anyone else faces the same dilemma I do – EVERY FUCKING TIME.
No shit. Within hours of laying down the final words, I find I feel like utter shit. I’m depressed. I’m listless. It’s like my body was amped up during the entire writing process and now I have to pay for all of the energy I used.
And I feel terrible. Just rotten. I mean, I’m not “wanna kill myself” bad, but I am “wanna lay in bed for several weeks” bad. I don’t dare watch any sad movies or I’ll quickly be bawling like a baby. I’m just a wreck.
So… tell me! Is there anybody else out there who finds themselves paying a physical price for finishing their art? Heck, does this apply to artists of any other kind? Please let me know!UPDATE: I just found this...Almost every writer I know goes through the same reaction after a novel is finished – there are 24 hours of euphoria and then all the negative thoughts you have shut out while finishing it come out, and either you get drunk or depressed or get the flu.
Posted: Sat 17th of January, 2015


With every new project I take on, I find myself really wondering about the "why" of it. Why am I doing it? Why do it this way? What is the significance here and here and there?I don't know if my artistic friends can understand what I'm talking about or if this is just a manifestation of my neurotic self. But with every new project, and every new understanding as to why, I feel as though the body of my work begins to make more sense to me, as though I'm not just a by-stander to this and I may even be somewhat involved. Posted: Mon 12th of January, 2015

The Monday Morning Show talks Climbing Maya...

Posted: Mon 5th of January, 2015

Standing on the edge of 2015...

Welcome to the last day of a pretty great year. At the close of 2013, I set some ambitious goals for myself and you’ll find that 2014 isn’t very different. But first, let’s talk about 2014…

You Just Missed…

I released six books in 2014, and WiDo Publishing released one more!
The titles below link to their Amazon page.
Dreaming With Open Eyes (non-fiction)(ebook/paperback/audiobook)
To A Dreamer (non-fiction) (ebook/paperback/audiobook)
Last Ditch (sexual thriller) (ebook/paperback)
indian paintbrush (literary fiction) (ebook/paperback/audiobook)
Cookies: Sluts of the Snack World (dark comedy) (ebook/paperback/audiobook)
Puppies: Best in Stew (dark comedy) (ebook/paperback/audiobook)
The Wrong Magic (romantic fantasy) (ebook/paperback)
But that ain’t all! I also released a ton of new content on my YouTube channel, started a new podcast called The Monday Morning Show, and completed work on two, full-length, non-fiction books. Buddhist Without Belief presents a new way of identifying the fundamental principles of Buddhism while also taking a new look at the search for enlightenment. False Starts, while still in the rewrite process, takes a look at what it was like to grow up in the 1970s.
I promise to get back to writing novels very soon… just not too soon…
On top of that, there was my appearance on the Indie Books Show, my interview over on IndieView(Whew!) It’s been a busy year.

Coming Up…

Perhaps the biggest surprise of 2014 was in learning what I’ll be doing in 2015. I had told myself that 2014 would be the year for book releases but was surprised to find that 2015 will feature a whole lot more! I am proud to bring you my release schedule for 2015…
Winter 2015
Climbing Mayareturns, this time from Kal-Ba Publishing. Look for it in ebook and paperback and I will be producing a special, audiobook edition! What is success? Is it the same for everyone? Find out in Climbing Maya.
Spring 2015
Heaven Enough, from Limitless Publishing, brings a story of love and loss, two things that never work out as planned. You don’t need all of heaven. Sometimes, you just need heaven enough. Look for that in ebook and paperback (and maybe we’ll see an audiobook, too).
Summer 2015
Wormfood Island, from Vagabondage Press, presents zombies like you have never seen before. When a strange disease takes over a hedonist resort, it’s not long before the living are trapped on Wormfood Island. In ebook and paperback.
Autumn 2015
What are ethics? How are we to live ethically in the 21st century? Find out in Dynamic Pluralism, from Kal-Ba Publishing. Look for it in ebook and paperback and I will be producing a special, audiobook edition!
I can’t tell you how excited I am about all of these releases – and that’s not all! You’ll also see another Fun To Grow On book, this one having to do with kittens, and the first book in a new series of essays from Recovering the Self, which I’m calling Rules For Life.

On The Horizon…

If those were all of my plans for 2015, I’d say it already looks like a terrific year.
But there’s more.
Look for more surprises in 2015 and may your new year hold plenty of wonderful surprises as well.
Thank you for your continued support. My life as an artist would be impossiblewithout you reading my books, listening to my podcasts, and just simply spreading the news. You are all, individually and together, the best.
And, so, I wish you all the best.
Posted: Wed 31st of December, 2014

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