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Uncovering the missing piece in both Atheism and Religion in Illumination, coming soon...


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Click the cover above to find out more about Dynaimc Pluralism!

Dynamic Pluralism: A Revolution in Ethics

Now available!

In the history of philosophy, there have been many theories about ethics but none have been straightforward enough to understand and use in everyday life. That ends now with Dynamic Pluralism.

Dynamic Pluralism presents a system of ethics that is not only easy to understand and easy to use but beneficial to the lives of those who do so. Dynamic Pluralism filters out the philosophical jargon so popular in academic circles and structures ethics so it is accessible to everyone. Not only does it present and understandable system of ethics but it also shows the reader how they can use ethics to create a better world.

Dynamic Pluralism casts a clear and defining light on the challenges of our century – war, overpopulation, climate change, energy dependence, equality, and much more – and illuminates our path into a brighter future.

We live in a world without a working system of ethics available to all people and this explains how and why the United States has ended up with a President-Elect like Donald Trump, a man bereft of ethical clarity, a moral compass, or any sense of justice. Dynamic Pluralism defines ethics, morals, and justice so that we may all understand them, what happens when we live without them, and how they should be used to create a better world.

Dynamic Pluralism is not just a book of philosophy. It is a Revolution in Ethics. It is a system for creating a new world based on ethical treatment, fair and fulfilling relationships, and a future in which we can finally live in peace.

False Starts

Now Available!

I recently opened up my chest of childhood memories, faced a decade I had long since forgotten, and wrote these words:

“It was the hippest of times. It was the funkiest of times. It was the 1970s.”

And I grew up right there in the middle of it. I won talent shows. I went to camp. I fought the school bully for the honor of the girl I loved. I lost my father…

But having just turned 50, I decided the time had come to take an honest look at those years without the tinted lens of nostalgia, which allowed me to remember so much more. I never told the girl I defended that I loved her. I barely survived camp. No amount of talent show victories brought my father back and, to be honest, my memories weren’t as accurate as I thought they were.

The 70’s were a swirling minefield filled with a family destroyed by poverty and divorce, horrible TV shows, bad disco on AM radio, wretched food… and the only saving grace a child like me had was Pong. My teachers tried to put me on drugs. My sister taught me the art of shoplifting. My best friend was Burp Boy. Life was a series of constant set-backs, a barrage of defeats, embarrassments, and false starts.

And I wouldn’t change a thing.

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The World's Worst Backpacker

Now Available!

Backpacking is much more than a hobby. It's a calling. And, sometimes, it's calling you to your doom.

With his distinctively dry and irate humor, Ken La Salle takes you on a lifetime of backpacking trips loaded with absurd observations and commentary on absolutely everything. But he's not your typical, gung-ho mountain man. Instead, he proceeds through each journey with a clear eye towards why he hikes at all. Why does he leave the comfort of his home? Why does he put himself into danger? And why can't everything be easier?
The answer is for everyone and the journey is always to be shared. Tie on your boots and strap on your pack for the journey is about to begin!

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Readings and signings!

I always love meeting with and talking with my readers. If you would like to arrange a reading or signing, or if you have a blog or podcast you would like me to appear on, please get in touch!

Reviewer Angelle LeBlanc calls False Starts "heartfelt and humorous yet heartbreaking at times too". Click the link to the left to find out more! You can purchase False Starts on ebook, paperback, and audiobook. (October 2016)

Virginia from Stephanie's Book Reports calls Once Removed "a great story with a lot of mystery and twists and turns!" Read her entire review by clicking the link to the left - and pick up a copy of Once Removed while you're there! (October 2016)

On October 13, 2016, I had the distinct pleasure to sit down with Jim Christina for my 2nd appearance on The Writer's Block. And we covered just about everything under the sun: old projects, new projects, and much more! (October 2016)

Sherry Fundin says "I have read several of Ken La Salle’s wonderful, wacky and creepy books, so to learn where all that talent came from is something I was more than happy to do.
He finds those moments of light and happiness that shine through the darkness.
I thoroughly enjoyed this trip down memory lane and getting to know an author I plan on following for a long time. I think it is because of his upbringing that he is able to write so well in very different genres with his humorous bent shining through the written words."
You can read the entire review by clicking the link to the left! False Starts is available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook! (November 2016)

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Ken La Salle

The Business of Being a Burned-Out Author...

Posted: Sat 14th of January, 2017

Dynamic Pluralism now available in audio...

In case you missed it, Dynamic Pluralism: A Revolution in Ethics is now available in audio from iTunes and Audible. Trump is showing us just how important ethics are right now and you can use ethics to make this world a better place!
If I may say so, this is some of my best work and I hope you give it a try.
Click here to find it on Audible, where you can get Dynamic Pluralism for FREE with a new account!
Posted: Fri 13th of January, 2017

Preparing for the PCT - Part 4!...

Posted: Wed 11th of January, 2017

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!...

Before 2016 began, I told Vicky that I wanted to try new things and make this year something special. Now, as it ends, I look back on a year with my first comedy album, my first mystery novel, a book on growing up in the 70s, my first serious book on philosophy, and my second monologue - and all of that still pales before my plans for 2017.But before I mention that... a quick look back...I know I can't put out five titles each year and, in fact, I only plan on releasing a single title in 2017. I will spend most of next year hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, if all goes according to plan. And if I am restricted to releasing only a single title in 2017, then it's going to have to be something very special, as I'm certain you have already guessed.What will my one, scheduled title for 2017 be about? I suppose I can drop a couple of hints before bidding you a very happy New Year (with best wishes that we survive our newly "elected" Idiot in Chief). Let's say it'll be about finding enlightenment without religion. And let's say it'll be non-fiction.That's right. Things keep getting more interesting.Happy 2017 to you all! Posted: Sat 31st of December, 2016

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