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False Starts, Mistakes & Missteps Growing up in the 70s is coming this fall!...


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False Starts

Coming Soon!

I recently opened up my chest of childhood memories, faced a decade I had long since forgotten, and wrote these words:

“It was the hippest of times. It was the funkiest of times. It was the 1970s.”

And I grew up right there in the middle of it. I won talent shows. I went to camp. I fought the school bully for the honor of the girl I loved. I lost my father…

But having just turned 50, I decided the time had come to take an honest look at those years without the tinted lens of nostalgia, which allowed me to remember so much more. I never told the girl I defended that I loved her. I barely survived camp. No amount of talent show victories brought my father back and, to be honest, my memories weren’t as accurate as I thought they were.

The 70’s were a swirling minefield filled with a family destroyed by poverty and divorce, horrible TV shows, bad disco on AM radio, wretched food… and the only saving grace a child like me had was Pong. My teachers tried to put me on drugs. My sister taught me the art of shoplifting. My best friend was Burp Boy. Life was a series of constant set-backs, a barrage of defeats, embarrassments, and false starts.

And I wouldn’t change a thing.

Look for False Starts, Mistakes & Missteps Growing up in the 70s, coming later this fall in ebook, paperback, and audiobook.

The World's Worst Backpacker

Now Available!

Backpacking is much more than a hobby. It's a calling. And, sometimes, it's calling you to your doom.

With his distinctively dry and irate humor, Ken La Salle takes you on a lifetime of backpacking trips loaded with absurd observations and commentary on absolutely everything. But he's not your typical, gung-ho mountain man. Instead, he proceeds through each journey with a clear eye towards why he hikes at all. Why does he leave the comfort of his home? Why does he put himself into danger? And why can't everything be easier?
The answer is for everyone and the journey is always to be shared. Tie on your boots and strap on your pack for the journey is about to begin!

(click the cover to the left to find out more...)

Once Removed

Now Available!

You never really know a man… until he’s dead.

When Isabelle Montez learns that her husband has committed suicide, she and her daughter, Iris, begin finding love letters her husband wrote for her hidden throughout her house. Once the letters reveal clues, Isabelle uncovers one incredible secret after another about a life she never knew and a death she could never fathom.

(click the book cover on the left to find out more...)



Readings and signings!

I always love meeting with and talking with my readers. If you would like to arrange a reading or signing, or if you have a blog or podcast you would like me to appear on, please get in touch!

Presenting the first, unofficial preview of my new monologue (coming this summer!), The World's Worst Backpacker. There's nothing especially wrong with the title because I didn't hit the trail. The trail hit me! Just click the link to the left. (May 2016)

How do I describe this final take on The War on Green without using the words "strange," "bizarre," and "what the...?" I think it's best if I leave that to you. Just click the link to the left! (May 2016)

With so many new projects on the way, I sat down to catch up with Fiona McVie. Click the link to the left to check it out! (June 2016)

"This poignant story has touched my life in ways I cannot explain."
It's always wonderful to hear that my work has touched someone. You can read the entire review by clicking the link to the left. (July 2016)

If there's such a thing as a good 3/5 review, this is it! "Once Removed is a good, easy-going summer read. I recommend to anyone who likes to sit back and solve mysteries along with the characters." Click the link to the left to read the rest of Angela's review. (August 2016)

There are times when I hate repeating myself. But, with reviews this good, I like to repeat myself as often as possible! Click the link to the left to find out why reviewer Diana loves Heaven Enough! (August 2016)

Blogs and Tweets and Chicken Wings below...

For more bloggie goodness, be sure to also check out One Path for your reading pleasure!

Ken La Salle

The Writer's Block - October 6th!...

On October 6th, at 7pm, I'll be the guest on LA Talk Radio's The Writer's Block - and it's about time I started plugging this!
As some of you may remember, I appeared on The Writer's Block back on March 10th with the ever-charming Candace Wade. This time, I'll be talking about upcoming projects, new ideas, and this whole crazy business that is writing... whatever that is.
I hope you tune in. It should be a lot of fun!
Posted: Mon 19th of September, 2016

False Starts - the cover reveal!...

I'm happy to share with you, today, the cover to my next release: False Starts.What was it like, growing up in the 70's? It was the best worst time ever, filled with first loves (one who nearly got me killed and another who humiliated me repeatedly), best friends (including Burp Boy), the Bicentennial (and my first play), poverty, disco, shoplifting, and more bad television than anyone could bear. It was, in short, a hell of a ride.Look for False Starts, Mistakes & Missteps Growing up in the 70s, coming later this fall in ebook, paperback, and audiobook.
Posted: Tue 13th of September, 2016

A Taste of Heaven Enough...

Posted: Sat 3rd of September, 2016

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