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The World's Worst Backpacker

Now Available!

Backpacking is much more than a hobby. It's a calling. And, sometimes, it's calling you to your doom.

With his distinctively dry and irate humor, Ken La Salle takes you on a lifetime of backpacking trips loaded with absurd observations and commentary on absolutely everything. But he's not your typical, gung-ho mountain man. Instead, he proceeds through each journey with a clear eye towards why he hikes at all. Why does he leave the comfort of his home? Why does he put himself into danger? And why can't everything be easier?
The answer is for everyone and the journey is always to be shared. Tie on your boots and strap on your pack for the journey is about to begin!

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Once Removed

Now Available!

You never really know a man… until he’s dead.

When Isabelle Montez learns that her husband has committed suicide, she and her daughter, Iris, begin finding love letters her husband wrote for her hidden throughout her house. Once the letters reveal clues, Isabelle uncovers one incredible secret after another about a life she never knew and a death she could never fathom.

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The War on Green

Now available!

Get ready for the 3rd Wall's debut album!

President Smith (spelled “Smirqnth”) made a few too many promises to the defense industry during his run for the White House and now he’s got to make good on those promises in this hilarious send-up of American politics, religion, and other, assorted nonsense.



Readings and signings!

I always love meeting with and talking with my readers. If you would like to arrange a reading or signing, or if you have a blog or podcast you would like me to appear on, please get in touch!

With a name like Crazy Dave's Machete Murder Barn, you may notice that I still haven't said anything about a war, about green, or about "the" or "on"...
Maybe next time. For now, just click that link to the left! (April 2016)

Presenting the first, unofficial preview of my new monologue (coming this summer!), The World's Worst Backpacker. There's nothing especially wrong with the title because I didn't hit the trail. The trail hit me! Just click the link to the left. (May 2016)

How do I describe this final take on The War on Green without using the words "strange," "bizarre," and "what the...?" I think it's best if I leave that to you. Just click the link to the left! (May 2016)

With so many new projects on the way, I sat down to catch up with Fiona McVie. Click the link to the left to check it out! (June 2016)

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Ken La Salle

We're halfway through 2016!...

Hey everybody!
I haven't posted an update in a while so get ready for a big one! I have so much to cover and I will begin with...The Heaven SeriesToday, I completed rewrites on the first sequel to Heaven Enough, which I'm calling Heaven Denied. A third sequel, Heaven For Now, has also been completed and I shall begin rewrites on that next week. The good news is just how much fun these books have turned out to be. If you've read Heaven Enough, you know how much Matt Murphy goes through and the sequels do not let him off the hook. All the same, though, they do take a different tone and they head in directions you probably won't expect. It's nice to have reached an age where I'm comfortable enough in my work that I can live in this world and not feel a need to twist it into something it isn't. At their core, these are books about what it means to love another person - and I am very proud of them.My next step, after rewrites, is to move these books along to my editor. Then, they will go to Limitless. I will, of course, keep you up on all developments.The World's Worst BackpackerSo... this year's Pacific Crest Trail hike was everything I wished it wasn't. Simply put, it was a lesson in Murphy's Law that I won't soon forget. I had begun taking notes for a second monologue - a follow-up to That Olympic Peninsula Layby - but knew my PCT hike would affect the tone... which is when I realized I had to face the truth. I am the World's Worst Backpacker.And here it is: The World's Worst Backpacker. My second autobiographical monologue, perfect for those who love to backpack as well as those who hate it. If you've ever wondered what it's like to love something you suck at, The World's Worst Backpacker might be for you. (Available now in audio from Audible and iTunes.)Once Removed
Occasionally, I'll even release something that's not in audio. Yes, an actual book! Once Removed is a smart, slow burn to its surprising conclusion and, yes, even a book your mom might read. (Now available in ebook and coming soon in paperback.)You never really know a man… until he’s dead.After Terence Montez dies in a seemingly incomprehensible suicide, his family is left to sort out the emptiness he leaves behind. Terry’s wife, Isabelle, however, wants nothing more than to return to her normal life. She wants to see her daughter, Iris, back to school and lose herself in her work.And then, they find the first letter, a love letter Terry has left behind, stashed away with no apparent intention to be found. One letter turns into two and three and more, each one a seemingly innocuous expression of love, each one hidden away in nooks and corners around the Montez home.Once Isabelle and Iris see patterns in the letters, they begin to suspect a disturbing intention behind them all. Each new letter fuels their suspicions, leading Isabelle and Iris across the suburbs and shopping malls of Orange County, California, where they uncover once incredible secret after another.As the mystery slowly builds to its fiery conclusion, Isabelle discovers the horrible truth about a life she never knew and a death she could never fathom.
And so onThis second quarter of this year has been a whirlwind - new interviews, new trailers, lots of stuff - and you can find out about it all on the coming months, I will be hard at work on two new releases coming late in the fall and early in the winter. First, there's False Starts, my story about growing up in the 70's. Following that will be Dynamic Pluralism: A Revolution in Ethics. If you've been waiting for my next book on philosophy (just in time for election season) or even if you haven't, Dynamic Pluralism is going to surprise you.And that's not all! I've upgraded some of my recording equipment, so you can expect better sound quality in all of my recordings, from my podcasts to my audiobooks and beyond. It's a fun time to be a writer!Until next time, thank you all for your wonderful support. Leave a review, share a video - any help you can give getting the word out I appreciate very much.
Posted: Thu 30th of June, 2016

The World's Worst Backpacker - coming this summer!...

“Most people land on their feet. I land on my face.”And, with that, Ken La Salle begins his second, autobiographical monologue. But while That Olympic Peninsula Layby put two people at odds with each other, Ken is The World’s Worst Backpacker all by himself.From the encroaching urbanity of Irvine Park in Southern California, to the remote thoroughfare that is the Pacific Crest Trail, decades of disastrous treks should have given him a clue. They didn’t. All of those disasters stayed with him. And now, with his tongue planted in a very dry cheek (possibly his own), he shares them with you.The World’s Worst Backpacker is for anyone who has gone on a day hike, picked up a backpack, or walked for a few days in the middle of nowhere. Ken’s stories are not just cautionary tales; they’re the kind of tales every backpacker (and would-be backpacker) acquires if they don’t stop soon enough. They’re the kind of tales that leave you wondering “Am I the worst person at this?” when you start and thankful you’re not when the story ends.With music by Josh Woodward, Ken tears the stigma off being the worst. Now, you can be, too!After all, we can’t all be the best but we can be the worst.
Posted: Sun 12th of June, 2016

New interview with Fiona McVie!...

I was just talking to Fiona McVie about my writing and - next thing I know - Pow! A new interview!
Head on over and read about my new projects: a backpacking monologue, a new mystery novel, a memoir on the 70s, and a book on ethics. (Yes, I'm diverse.) Who does Vicky think should play me in a movie? And who started all of this writing, anyway???
Check it out!
Posted: Tue 7th of June, 2016

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